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Pranav Saraf Web Developer

Welcome to

Hello ! i am Pranav Saraf - web developer & I humbly welcome you to my new site. I am planning to make the website design futuristic. So feel free to sugest some cool new stuff.

This site is dedicated to my idol - MY DAD

Milestones achieved

B.Tech (Computer Science)

Completed B.Tech cource from MIT in June 2012 .

Gudel gate Pass system

First PHP system created by me that boosted my career as a Web developer.

Worked on

Worked on for Global Websoft.

Certification from BerkeleyX

Cleared Certifiaction in SAAS with 79% through Edx. You can view my certificate  here


My SkillsPHPCSSMySQLBootstrapOthers20%60%

& many more ..

as life is a lesson you learn it when you are through !

Some of my demos you would love

Sphere of skills

This is a shorty demo based on google sphere experiment of Mr. Doob. This demo is best viewd in HTML5 browsers & Chrome or safari is recommended.


Background Video

This demo needs a high speed internet & is browser independant. Based on bigvideo.js, you can view this site with video in backgound.


Call some Balls

On clicking the button below, this webpage will be filled with balls.


Pavy OS

This was my first attempt to create an online OS UX back in 2011.



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