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Pranav Saraf Web Developer

Welcome to

Hello ! i am Pranav Saraf - web developer & I humbly welcome you to my new site. I am planning to make the website design futuristic. So feel free to sugest some cool new stuff. Dont forget to see the demos - you would love them ! also dont forget to share :)

This site is dedicated to my idol - MY DAD

Milestones achieved

B.Tech (Computer Science)

Completed B.Tech cource from MIT in June 2012 .

Gudel gate Pass system

First PHP system created by me that boosted my career as a Web developer.

Worked on

Worked on for Global Websoft.

Certification from BerkeleyX

Cleared Certifiaction in SAAS with 79% through Edx. You can view my certificate  here


My SkillsPHPCSSMySQLBootstrapOthers20%60%

& many more ..

as life is a lesson you learn it when you are through !

Some of my demos you would love

Sphere of skills

This is a shorty demo based on google sphere experiment of Mr. Doob. This demo is best viewd in HTML5 browsers & Chrome or safari is recommended.


Background Video

This demo needs a high speed internet & is browser independant. Based on bigvideo.js, you can view this site with video in backgound.



A new demo is soon to be launched

Coming soon !


Pavy OS

This was my first attempt to create an online OS UX back in 2011.



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